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Laser Diode 445

M140 M-Type Laser Diode · 445nm · 5.6mm · 2W · 2-Watt Blue Beam · TO-18


Nichia NDB7875 ~ 445nm ~ Blue Laser Diode ~ 9mm - T05 ~ Engraving Lasers ~


Nichia NUBM06 Laser Diode - 4W+ - 445nm - TO-5 / 9mm - G-Ball Lens - Blue 5W


3pieces 445nm 450nm 525nm 1W 2W 3W Blue Green Lights Laser Diode Driver 0.6-3A


M140 A-Type Laser Diode * 445nm * 5.6mm * 1.6W 1.8W Blue Beam * TO-18 * A140


M140 M-Type Laser Diode · JAPAN · 445nm · 5.6mm · 2W Engraving / Burning


3 Element Glass Collimating AR Lens 405nm - 445nm - 450nm Laser Diode M9/P0.5


ACS5500BU 5.5A buck laser diode driver for NUBM44 NUBM08 NDB7875 445nm 450nm etc


NUBM44-v2 Laser Diode - 7 Watt Output - 445nm~450nm - TO-5 - 9mm


Brand New Japan M140 M-Type Laser Diode * 445nm * 5.6mm * 2W Engraving / Burning


2A Laser Diode Driver/For 1.6W-2W-3.5W 445nm-470nm Blue Laser Diode w/ TTL


2Pieces Step Down 445nm-532nm 1W-3.5W Blue Green Laser Diode Driver 0.5-3A


2w Blue Laser Diode m140 M-TYPE 445NM 450nm Blau 5.6mm diode to fit laser module


Laser Diode Mount, Housing, for 5,6mm and 9mm, 445nm,520nm,635nm,650nm


High quality 1.6W-2W 450nm 445nm blue laser diode driver Constant current


focusing lens three Layer coated glass M9*0.5 for 405nm 445nm 450nm laser diode


445nm 520nm 1W 2W 3W Lab Laser Diode Drive Driver Board 6-14V Voltage Input PCB


2pcs 445nm 450nm Blue 1W 1.4W 2W Laser Diode Driver Board Adjustable Current


12V TTL 1W 2W 3W 445nm 450nm Laser Diode LD Driver Power Supply Stage Light


2W / 2000mW 445nm Blue Laser Diode TO-18 5.6mm M140


445nm 447nm 450nm 1W 1.4W 2W Blue Laser Diode LD Drive Power Supply Driver 1.8A


NICHIA NUBM08 445nm 4.75W Blue Laser Diode/BRAND NEW


4.5A Laser Diode and TEC Driver, 445nm, 635nm, 650nm, DPSS Laser


17mm Diameter 445nm 450nm 1W-1.4W Blue Laser Diode Driver Board Circuit 3.7V


1.5-2W 445 nm Blue Laser Diode In Module W/Leads


Nichia M140 445nm 2W+ Blue Laser Diode/5.6mm TO18 /Extracted from M140 Projector


M140 A-Type Laser Diode - 1.8 Watt Output - 445nm - TO-18 - 5.6mm


NDB7875 Laser Diode - 2 Watt Output - 445nm~450nm - TO-5 - 9mm


NEW!!! Laser Diode Mount, Housing, for 9mm and 5.6mm, 445nm,520nm,635nm,650nm


5V 4.5A 3.5W Nichia NDB7A75 445nm 450nm Blue Laser Diode LD Driver Power Supply


3A 445nm-465nm 12V Laser Diode Driver for 1W-6W Blue Diode w/h Analogue slot


5x 445nm-450nm-465nm Blue Laser Diode Lens/3 elements Glass Lens/M9P0.5x10


M140 NICHIA 5.6mm Blue 445nm 450nm 2W 2000mw Laser Diode for Engraving / Burning


Custom 5 Mode Handheld Blue Laser Engraving Pointer Kit - 445nm - NDB7875 Diode


Laser Light Engines BLUE LASER DIODE ARRAY Approx 30 W total output at 445 nm


445nm 5.6mm Laser Diode Module Host/Φ12mmx30mm Aluminum Host w/h Heatsink


445nm 447nm 450nm 300mW-2W Blue Laser Diode LD Drive Driver Step Down Board 2.5A